In 1986 a group of friends made a small anti apartheid feature film called ‘Place of Weeping’ shot on short ends with volunteered talent that went on to make a little bit of history and established us as film makers. With Darrell Roodt directing and Anant Singh producing we went on to make half a dozen films together including Sarafina and Cry the Beloved Country.

Along the way I have been privileged to have worked with some amazing directors and producers, wonderfully talented crew and inspirational actors to whom I am eternally grateful.

As an artist I believe in the power of the image over the word.

‘Word and image like masculine and feminine are complementary opposites. When a culture elevates the written word at the expense of the image, patriarchy dominates. When the importance of the image supersedes the written word, feminine values and egalitarianism flourish.” –Lionel Shlain – The Alphabet versus the Goddess

In the ebb and flow of contrast and affinity the attraction of the image transcends the power of the word on the cinema screen giving rise to the heightened emotion and drama that we love so much.

I am thrilled to be part of the process.

Thanks for looking me up.


David Barkham
Cape Town
073 513 3081